2016: The Year Of The Tiffany Setting

The World’s Premier Diamond Jeweler Marks the 130th Anniversary of its Renowned Engagement Ring with a Yearlong Celebration.

Tiffany & Co. announces a landmark celebration in 2016: the 130th anniversary of its world-famous diamond engagement ring – the Tiffany® Setting.

Tiffany will tell the story of this legendary ring, beginning with its introduction in 1886 by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, whose goal was to create a ring that highlighted the beauty of brilliant-cut diamonds. His innovative design elevated the diamond above the band, maximizing the light reflected from the stone’s exquisite cut.

He introduced not only the engagement ring as we know it today, but also a symbol of Tiffany’s reputation for the most beautiful diamonds on earth, and a standard for quality and craftsmanship that is unparalleled.

This legacy of excellence is in the hands of artisans, who craft the Tiffany® Setting with consummate skill and pride in a heritage no other jeweler can claim. Tiffany’s expert gemologists, diamond cutters, setters and polishers will give voice to the making of this magnificent ring that has influenced generations of couples. Their memories form a love story that continues in proposals all over the world. In addition, the Tiffany® Setting has made numerous appearances in film, art and literature.

New content will be released throughout the year, celebrating the timeless style of this iconic engagement ring – and Tiffany as the jeweler of true love.