Along The Line Of The Ball, St Tropez Polo club

What happens when you chukka load of cash into your passion? – A newly revamped Saint-Tropez Polo Club, a roaring testament to the mix of one man’s astute business mind with his ultimate love of Polo.

Styled as “Polo’s Ultimate Playground”, the dramatic topography of Gassin lends itself perfectly for providing a stunning setting in which to spend an afternoon marveling at the athletic prowess of both man and horse. For the past two decades, the Saint-Tropez Polo Club has grown in popularity among visiting players and spectators, but its explosion into the international arena has come at dizzying pace since Mr. Alshair Fiyaz – a globally renowned investment magnate, and great fan of polo, himself a player –  joined forces with the club last year.

His investment and guidance has seen the club undertake vast infrastructure works over the 100-hectare site, turning it into a haven for all who visit.

It is no wonder that the Saint-Tropez Polo Club is now playing host to numerous major international Tournaments.

The focus of the works has been horse welfare; the on-site Vetenary clinic is just the beginning. With a hydrotherapy pool, a specially crafted soil on the training track for an ease of impact on the horses joints and hooves, and eco-friendly stables, this is an equine paradise. Games are played on the finest Tifton Turf money can buy, able to withstand the most dramatic of matches, with a stick & ball field also close by.

The outdoor and indoor arenas, with a 360m training track, allow for a higher level of training when not playing, something that has enticed some of the world’s greatest players to visit. Environmental impact was taken into great consideration also: 350 compressed bamboo horse stables were built – completely unique – along with the 3000 m3 rainwater tank built onto the roofs for a recycling of water.

The human element hasn’t been forgotten, however. A brand new 1400m2 has been constructed, along with a terrace overlooking the main field, perfect for surveying the afternoon’s games while dining in the exquisite Argentine-Peruvian restaurant. Should the excitement become too much, the next phase of construction will see a new onsite Hammam, Sauna, and Gym.

To continue attracting the best international teams, Fiyaz ensured that they would be as well looked after as their horses; 9 hyper luxury villas were built to house the players and their families, while 19 apartments were built for the groomsmen near the stables.

In a word, this club is exquisite.

JUSTIN GAUNT / General Manager

I have worked with Mr. Fiyaz now for 11 years, and took great joy in creating this project together. With the quantity – and quality – of the works currently being undertaken, it is our hope that this will launch the club into one of the top 5 in the world !

We are now able to offer a club that is of the same quality as those players who now attend tournaments here, ensuring the best conditions for the best play. We make sure that the horses, grooms, players, and patrons, all have access to the best facilities.

So as not to disrupt the enjoyment of the summer matches, the next phase of construction will begin in October, with the building of a new Gym, Squash, Tennis, and Padel Courts, as well as a swimming pool. In a major step, we are also planning on building yet more stables for Polo, as well as for our new breeding program, with the first foals to be born next year.

I hope visitors, new and old, will be as excited as Mr. Fiyaz and I. It certainly is an incredible time in the club’s history.